Our Beginnings






De La Rosa Upholstery’s story comes from humble beginnings. It all started with Mr. De La Rosa who learned the profession of upholstery as a young man. A trait that many learned, but that very few have mastered. 


His journey eventual lead him to Chicago in the 70s where he worked for several upholsters, until finally finding a home with a German immigrant that took him under his wing. During that time there were no luxuries such as; air compressors or staple guns. Everything was done with patience and precision. It was not uncommon to see Mr. De La Rosa at work with a cheek full of tacks, spitting them out one-by-one.


Eventually Mr. De La Rosa, was blessed with his wife, and a new chapter of his life; a family. A move to Texas; some unfulfilling jobs at upholstery companies and through the encouragement of his wife — De La Rosa Upholstery was born. 


We started in our garage in the 1990s at our residential home with just Mr. De La Rosa and a seamstress. Our first project was a small bench that was contracted by the principal of Watuagua Elementary and from there we grew. All deliveries were made with the family van and the strength of one man. Thankfully the company grew to 3 people: Mr. De La Rosa, an upholsterer and a seamstress.


Within the first decade our address changed, Mrs. De La Rosa joined; and the company grew.

Now, we established an upholstery name that serves all the communities of DFW

We pride ourselves that we have become a multi-generational, multi-decade family business, where employees have become family and customers have become friends.


Thank you for letting us share our modest story with you all. We look forward to meeting you.